RC Art Fair

General information

UPDATE 7/12/2017: RC Art Fair 2018 is cancelled


The 7th edition of RC Art Fair, planned to take place at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam during Rotterdam Art Week from February 7-11, has been canceled. Due to organizational and financial setbacks, the quality of the art fair cannot be guaranteed.

Cancelling RC Art Fair was not an easy decision for our founder and creative director Bob Smit. Despite steady growth, the art fair has also suffered a lot of setbacks in recent years which left deep scars on the organization. Last year the art fair was forced to leave the Cruise Terminal because of the arrival of the German cruise ship AIDA. The last minute move to the new location, the World Trade Center, brought with it unforeseen costs. Because of this RC Art Fair ended with a negative financial balance despite a successful edition in 2017.

The organization of the seventh edition did not go smoothly in recent months. Smaller financial setbacks in combination with slow incoming registrations and the existing negative balance weighed heavily on the organization. However, unexpected withdrawal of a large part of financial support from the Municipality of Rotterdam in early November was the last and final straw. One last attempt was made to organize the art fair on a smaller scale in collaboration with another fair organiser. Unfortunately, it proved on a too short notice to realise.

We would like to thank all participants, partners, colleague’s, employees and volunteers for all the support, hard work and wonderful moments of the past seven years,